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Kikumaru Eiji
28 November
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OOC info
Player name: Gottis
Journal: gottis_chan
Email: angelictensai at gmail dot com

IC info
Character Name: Kikumaru Eiji
Age: 15
Race: Human
Kingdom: Raytin

Appearance & personality: Eiji looks a lot like his canon self, but his hair is longer, reaching down past the nape of his neck, and instead of the ever present band-aid, he has a crescent shaped scar in its place. Almost painfully thin, with an heart shaped face and big, blue eyes, Eiji can't be called anything but adorable. His personality matches this to a point; as he's cheerful, easy going and warm hearted most of the time. He does have a competitive streak and he prides himself with being one of the best acrobats and jesters around, in spite of his young age. If something does upset him though, he is known to throw either hissy fits and try and chew someone's head off, or he'll sulk for days on end until something snaps him out of his depression. Usually food is a pretty good medicine. And since he doubles as a minstrel at times, when he's not the Court Fool, music is also something that puts his soul at ease. Eiji tend to switch between extremes as far as his moods go, either his almost annoyingly cheerful and talkative, or he's very moody and sullen. He has a pretty difficult time finding that comfortable middle ground.

History: You might not think so by looking at him; a cheerful fool who prances around with bells on his hat and his colorful clothes in the nicest fabric, but Kikumaru Eiji grew up in the slums in Eldan. He was the bastard son of a comfort woman, who passed away shortly after his birth. He was taken to an orphanage where he spent his first six years. He was a cheerful and easygoing child most of the time, and he soon got very popular with both the caretakers and the other children alike, and they urged on his tendencies to roughhouse around, causing mischief. This really helped to hone his agility and soon there was not a tower or tree or pillar downtown that he couldn't climb. All in all, his stay at the orphanage was a happy one and helped to secure his sense of self worth and happiness.

When he was six, the orphanage had to close down and Eiji became a street rat, surviving the best he could on whatever means possible. One day, when he was nine years old, he preformed a couple of daredevil acrobatic tricks for a crowd, and a traveling circus happened to come by. The manager bought the boy immediately and branded him with his insignia, a crescent moon, on his cheek. Eiji started to travel with the circus. And eventually they made it all the way to the castle. Eiji, who had had enough of the manager's harsh treatment – as he more or less worked the other members of the circus as a slave driver, and the fact of the matter was that he did own Eiji – tried to perform his very best so that King Atobe might take an interest in him and hire/buy him. Against all odds it worked, and he became the apprentice of the Court Fool. As the older man passed away when Eiji was thirteen, the boy rose in ranks and became the Court Fool himself.

[Kikumaru Eiji is played by gottis_chan for xyreka Layout made by thefulcrum]