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Kura... I'm scared.


Should I sign up for the army?

Would that help?
Kura's back, Kura's back, Kura's back, Kura's back, Kura's back, Kura's back, Kura's back!!!


I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm hungry!!!

I don't get paid until tomorrow.

And I have NOTHING at home

I wonder if I should hit the streets? If I preform in front of a crowd, they'll give me stuff, I know they will!!

Yeah, should do that!


Dear Diary, and other people!

Did anyone else watch the shooting stars last night? They were so pretty but I kind of wonder what shooting stars really are. And stars in general for that matter. Are they just fireflies that has gotten lost up there in the sky or are they elves' auras that remain after the elves have died? Can elves die? I forgot to ask Mukahi about that, nya. Or maybe they're some sort of remains from some magic explosion or something. I wish I knew... But I know that they're pretty at least!

- Eiji

Dear Diary!

I've been back from being out adventuring for a while now. It's nice to be back and my sore feet are finally catching up with the rest of the world! It was my first official mission and I think it went a lot better than I thought it would so... Yay!!

I need to get myself new candles. The candle stick in my room smells so nice and honey like - bee wax - but it's so small now I can barely see to write. And the candle flame sparkles and makes all sorts of weird noises.

[Insert a rather badly scribbled picture of said candle here]

Gotta head off to bed now, because it's back to work as usual tomorrow! I'll try and write here a lot more because I don't want you to feel lonely, dear diary! And uh... Yeah.

Here's to hoping I get a good night's sleep!!

- Eiji

Dear Diary!

Traveling with Ryou and Gakuto is kinda odd because Gakuto talks a lot and he's a bit depressive to hang around with but I guess he's kinda good anyway even if he thinks I'm an idiot. I'm not! Anyway. It's really been an experience, but I'm heading back to the castle now. I need to report in. I think I'm not overly late, nya... At least I hope I'm not.

Dear Diary

I've been traveling for a couple of days now, and no town in sight. I can smell the sea though so I think I'm getting close to it. Hopefully I haven't been walking in some big, weird circle, because I really, really want to keep from getting lost, nyaaaaa...

I'm tired and I'm hungry but I'll just take a small pause now, because I want to find somewhere to sleep before it gets dark.

Mosquito bites are annoying.


Dear Diary ♥

I've nearly forgotten what it was like to be out of the castle and wandering about. It's not bad, not at all, but I can't help but feel a little lost. Like, I don't really know what I'm looking for, or where I should look, and the responsibility feels a bit much... But I like the challenge and the honor that's been bestowed upon me, so I'm not backing down! Nya~ ♥

[ooc: Here Eiji have scribbled a couple of drawings - rather sloppily and awkward - of people passing by him.]

I'm at this tavern and there was a brawl just earlier, it was pretty scary so I decided to keep away from it, and I just sat there in the shadowy part of the tavern and ate. The food wasn't ver good, but it was cheap and it wasn't old or anything, so I guess I'll live. Of course I could try and frequent more high class places but I wanna save my money just in case something comes up, nya. You never know.

Nov. 23rd, 2009

Hello dear diary. Or whatever I should call you. There's been a banquet and it was fun and people laughed and had a good time! I liked it a lot but now I'm tried so I think I'll be going to sleep. Good night!


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